Unrealism Downloads

Updated Monday, 08.08.2016 - 5:09PM CDT

Unreal Tournament (Intel), Unreal Gold (Intel), Unreal Gold (PPC), and Deus Ex are provided via MEGA. Unreal Tournament (Intel) download link is subject to change again.

Unreal Tournament OS X (PPC)Unreal Tournament v348x DEMO (Intel), and all other available downloads are currently provided via 4Shared.

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Unreal Gold OS X 



 Unreal Tournament OS X GOTY



Deus Ex



Other Downloads



As of September 2015, the public server is still down, and will no longer have the same IP address. However, you may download the latest version of The Unrealism Zone Pack for offline enjoyment. The Unrealism Zone Pack support, and the public server is planned to resume no later than Fall 2017.



Old Info: 

There are many other players who do not have the capability of fast downloading when connecting to the server, so I decided to completely combine all the major mods and maps to a single, simple download. Required for PPC users who would like to play MonsterHunt/MonsterArena & UT Survival. It is extremely beneficial to those who have problems downloading directly from the server.