The Unrealism Zone Public Server

Latest Update: 30 April 2017 - 12:43AM (CST) 

The Unrealism Zone Server will be temporarily disconnected on, or before Monday, May 1, 2017 due to relocation. However, it is planned to resume no later than August 2017.


If you prefer to play TUZ maps, and mutators offline, or if you want to play the extra game modes and maps on the server without having to wait on server downloads, download the latest version of The Unrealism Zone Pack, here.

**NOTE - Pack is now subject to updates! The files may be altered in the near future! Please check back here, if you end up having package mismatches!

Enjoy! :)

The Unrealism Zone Public Server can still be tracked on this page, or you can click on the status banner above to observe The Unrealism Zone GameTracker page, if available.

The new IP address/listen port is currently This server runtime is dedicated and unlimited, meaning it does not have a schedule. However, it is subject to occasional maintenance and/or updating.

Here are the basics of everything you need to know about The Unrealism Zone UT server; Be on the lookout for updates, which will be posted on this page. No password required.
Mutators Enabled:
  • MoreGore2 - Name explains all. Call me sadistic, but it makes fragging even funnier.
  • RevengeV2 - Announcer shouts "REVENGE!" when you kill your killer. Nothing more.
  • Valhalla Avatar - Enables player to use any character skin, voice pack, and/or model.
  • Volatile Ammo - Shoot any ammo lying around, and it will cause fatal explosions.
  • Who Pushed Me - Awards player for causing an opponent to fall to their death (UT4!)
Other mutators and extra mods aside from what is mentioned above may only be enabled on special occasions.
NgWorldStats are activated, but it is still uncertain whether or not they are truly processing correctly. According to the server info, the NgWorldStats status is not in compliance.
Street Fighter bot characters will be around, but be on the lookout for the MarioLuigi, and now Samus bots; they are NOT pushovers!
  • Server Mode:    Dedicated
  • DM Frag Limit: 30 Frags (50 Frags for WeaponLord FragMatch)
  • Time Limit: 20 Minutes
  • Game Mode: Hardcore (125% Game Speed)
  • Bot Skill: Average (Varies with each individual bot)
  • Min. Player Count:    5
  • Max Connections: 8
  • UT Version: UTPG 451b
  • Min. Compat. Ver: 432
  • Current Schedules: Unlimited

The Unrealism Monster Hunt - (Down):8070

The Unrealism World - (Down):8080

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